PAC 2020
The project is the winner of the PAC2020 Public Notice - Plan for Contemporary Art, promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture. The work is a mural or wallpainting, performed on the external wall of the south side of the museum. The wall is painted with the colors of the chromatic spectrum and covered with a special white paint, invented by Matteo Montani, which does not allow you to see the underlying color when it is dry, but guarantees a large level of transparency when it is wet. In the colors of the day, where the relationships between primary and secondary colors intersect in a chromatic phantasmagoria, it is normally invisible, but, like a rainbow, it is activated with the rain. In fact, when the work gets wet, the surface lets the colors shine through, while, when the surface patina dries, the color gradually disappears and the wall becomes white again. Furthermore, a hydraulic system allows you to wet the cascade wall voluntarily, generating a series of different signs characterized by a vertical dripping. The work refers to the wonder of vision, to the relationship between art and nature, between technique and miracle. It is also a warning of renewed hope: a pact between heaven and earth celebrated in the "home" of a great artist.